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Elderberry and Dark Berry Popsicle

Over the past couple months I've been gazing up into our cupboard at a popsicle tray that my husband Luke bought a few years ago to make popsicles for a dinner party. In our small South Minneapolis home we have a philosophy that we either need to use it or get ride of it as our storage space in quite limited. In the heat of the summer with all this rain, I have noticed that more people than normal are getting summer colds. For me, summer colds make me extra miserable, since here in the northern states we are limited to a few months of warm weather to play outdoors. So why not keep yourself and your family healthy with a seasonally appropriate treat.

I started off this recipe by looking at what fruits we had in our freezer, from last years harvest and then added some blueberries I picked up at the farmers market last Saturday. Here are the results of the delicious popsicle that I am happy to share with all of you.


2 cups - Frozen Bing Cherries

1 cup - Frozen Black Currants

1 cup - Fresh Blueberries (frozen will work just as well)

1 cup - Frozen Raspberries

1 cup - Frozen Strawberries

1 - Freshly Squeezed Lemon

1 cup - Coconut Milk (could use more for a creamier texture)

2 cups - Apothicare Elderberry Syrup

I threw all of these together in the blender and hoped for the best! The results were outstanding and were a hit at a birthday party I attended that night. When I got hope I had enough to make a second batch that is in the freezer chilling as I write.


1) Throw all your fruit frozen or fresh into the blender

2) Add two cups of Apothicare Elderberry Syrup (I used Apothicare Elderberry Syrup because I am the maker and it is deliciously sweetened with a local honey. So no other sweeteners are needed)

3) Add coconut milk to desired about for creaminess (the more coconut milk added the less elderberry syrup you'll add) Both the syrup and coconut milk should come to just below the top of the fruit in the blender.

4) Blend until all the fruit looks well blended, with just a few little pieces for texture.

5) Pour into molds

6) Put the popsicle sticks in

7) Place in the freezer for minimum 4 hours

8) Pop out and enjoy!

Total Prep Time: 10 minutes!

To make it easier for the popsicles to pop out of the trays I like to flip the tray over holding the top in my hand and run the tray under room temperature water for a few seconds each.

If there are any question feel free to leave me a comment on my Facebook or Instagram posts and I'll be sure to get back to you right away.

Enjoy and Happy Summer!

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