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Elderberry Soda

Apothicare Elderberry Syrup is not only highly effective at preventing viruses from taking hold or helping aid the body in a faster recovery once a virus has set in but it is one of the most delicious elderberry syrups on the market.

Often at markets and demos I like to give people a way to use my products in ways that are a little more creative.

There is nothing wrong with taking elderberry syrup straight but I like to have a little more fun with it, especially if you are taking it on a regular basis as a preventative.

This elderberry soda recipe is so simple, you'll wonder why you never thought about doing it before. It is a nice light and refreshing beverage and could be used at a out of the ordinary mocktail that isn't loaded down with ridiculously sweet juices.


1oz Apothicare Elderberry Syrup

12oz Soda Water

1 Lime Wedge


Fill a 16oz glass with ice. Pour about 1oz of Apothicare Elderberry Syrup over the ice. Fill with soda water to just below the brim of the glass. Cut a slice of lime and squeeze into the glass. Gently stir and enjoy!

-Kirsten Grohovsky

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